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Welcome to International Biodiesel Incorporated (IBI)

International Biodiesel Incorporated is a unique, globally involved, alternative fuel manufacturer. At IBI we produce sustainable and socially friendly bio-fuels consisting mainly of biodiesel. We help many European and Asian countries meet the growing demand of worldwide bio-fuel blending mandates and offer other low cost fuel alternatives. With our unique business model we cultivate our own plantations of feedstock, from inedible vegetable oil plants, such as Jatropha Curcas, Finola Hemp, Carmelita, Rapeseed, etc. We also develop and implement used cooking oil collection programs abroad, and refine it into biodiesel and other viable by-products. Using this model we do not compete with consumable human food options and therefore control our feedstock costs. This also helps to remove the negative perception associated with driving up food prices or competing with human consumption. Since world food supplies are plentiful, we currently have the option of securing low cost purchase agreements for coconut or palm oil, as an alternative feedstock.

"Our goal is to revitalize spent or unused waste land and underutilized resources to improve the global quality of life while providing a positive economic impact".

We intend to pioneer innovative, high yield, patentable processes all
the way "from the field to the pump".

We believe this integrated supply line, where the renewable feedstock is owned by the bio-fuel refinery, represents the 2nd generation business model. This will protect International Biodiesel, Inc. from feedstock shortages or price increases that have had a devastating effect on 1st generation refinery only businesses.
This vertical integration of the entire supply chain is exactly the way current large petroleum companies such as Exxon/Mobil run their operations, all the way from the oil well to the pump, or in our case "from the fields to the pump."

At International Biodiesel Incorporated; "We believe that increasing concerns over global warming, worldwide bio-fuel blending mandates, a surging worldwide demand for all fuel and issues of national security, will drive every country and region to seek ways to become more energy independent."

We currently have offices in Rohnert Park, CA, Kyrenia, Cyprus and in Las vegas, NV. International Biodiesel is incorporated in California and will manage all US, Cyprus, Middle Eastern, European and South American operations.

Expert Analyst Predictions

"Experts predict a sky-rocketing demand for sustainable energy and bio-fuels in the immediate future; therefore we are positioning International Biodiesel Inc. to be a leading supplier of biodiesel worldwide. Many nations are enacting mandatory percentages of blending for both biodiesel and Ethanol with traditional Fossil Fuels. Within the next 5 years the demand for both biodiesel and Ethanol to satisfy these mandates will increase dramatically."

Dane Woods CEO
International Biodiesel Inc.

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